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In our penultimate session we took a look at splitscreen. This is something which has been used frequently in film as a way of showing different locations and people in the same frame of a shot.

  Practical Exercise & Project  

This technique was the one I chose to undertake for my artefact, choosing to focus on similarities and the evolution of older and newer technologies. This involved trying to mimic movement between the appearing frames to look as if there weren't any splits / cuts between them. Splitscreen was the perfect technique to showcase this difference as both entities can be onscreen at the same time. This was heavily inspired by the 2020 Nike commercial which tried to use movement matching to showcase different areas of sport.

I think if I were to improve my project for this module I would have focused on trying to add movement to my splits in my frame, changing the aspect ratios to keep it more interesting and add some more variety as I feel that could engage viewers a bit more.

  Industry Uses  

Splitscreen is something which is already being heavily utilised in modern cinema and video. Productions as far back as ‘The Pioneer’ in 1904 successfully take advantage of splitscreen technology, in this case using the technology to showcase the passage of time within a scene.

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